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TLC Saddle Soap & Conditioner
Made with Natural Goat's Milk
TLC Saddle Soap is an easy one-step leather cleaner and conditioner.  Made from natural human grade ingredients, TLC Saddle Soap will leave your leather clean and supple with no greasy or tacky residue! This soap is wonderful for all leather, including, equine tack, couches, car seats, purses and any other leather that you have.  Not recommended for suede.  Available in three great scents.  Lavender, Green Apple and Ruby Red Grapefruit.  (Sponge included).

Directions:  Apply with a clean damp sponge. Work well into leather.  Wipe excess with a damp sponge or rag.  For a show ready shine, apply with dry or damp sponge and do not wipe off.  (Depending on your climate, occasional conditioning/oiling is recommended.)

Suggested Retail Price: $16.99 (12 oz. container)
Available at:
Dover Saddlery, MA (800) 989-1500 www.doversaddlery.com
Dressage Extensions, CA  (800) 541-3708 www.dressageextensions.com
Smartpak, MA (800) 461-8898 "Smartpak leather cleaner"  www.smartpak.com
Schneiders Saddlery, OH  (800) 365-1311 www.sstack.com
Broken Horn Saddlery, CA (626) 337-4088
Aberdeen Supply Co., NC (910) 944-1422
Calabasas Saddlery, CA  (818) 591-0292  www.calabasassaddlery.com
The Wharf, CA  (805) 648-5035
Bright Star Saddlery, CA  (818) 879-8333
West of Texas, CA (909) 798-7227
LA Saddlery, CA (818) 842-9734 www.lasaddlery.com
Jeffers Equine, AL (800) 533-3377 www.jeffersequine.com
Santa Ynez Feed, CA  (805) 688-6404
Jedlicka's Saddlery- Santa Barbara (805) 687-0747, Los Olivos (805) 688-2626
American Hay & Mercantile Co., CA (805) 649-3300
The Winner's Circle - TN ((888) 213-7596 www.wcircle.com
So. Cal Feed, CA  (805) 524-1000
Chick's Saddlery, DE (800) 444-2441 www.chicksaddlery.com
Christensen's Saddlery, CA (916)652-4592 www.christensens-saddlery.com