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I sell used saddles for a living so I've cleaned countless saddles with an array of products over the years. Often when saddles arrive they are deeply soiled. This product has saved untold hours of cleaning and frustration. Used as directed (sometimes let the cleaner sit for 10-20 minutes), this product melts years of hardened goop off of leather safely and leaves a lasting, deep luster. Does a great job of cleaning those dirty little crevices and tooled areas of a saddle where years of dust and sweat collect. I have even used it to gently and safely remove old, dried paint from a saddle. I give all my saddles the once over with this product prior to photographing them because of the sheen it gives the leather. It rejuvenates old worn bridles and halters, reins and stirrup leathers. I've also used it on boots, shoes, leather couches and purses. Leaves everything smelling great as well! Rae (Southern CA)

Truly an amazing product! Product cleans and conditions my tack without scratching or removing the dye of the leather. (I have also used this product in my leather car seats - it leaves my car interior clean and with a great aroma - lavender is my preference). I am spreading the word to my friends!!!! Fernando deMoraes (Moorpark, CA)

It's a great cleaner and conditioner combo. Doesn't make the leather too gummy nor too soft. Leaves leather in it's natural state and soft enough to feel it's cared for properly. Other products over time have cause my bridles to crack, get too soft and stretch out. I have tried others and I like TLC the best. Jewel (Moorpark, CA)

Found this product to clean and condition great without any residue. "Quality Item".

Barb (Chardon, OH)

I use this soap/conditioner on all my tack. It smells great and doesn't leave behind any tackiness or residue. It helps to soften new leather without breaking it down. Cindy (Ventura, CA)

I just bought a tub of your saddle soap on a whim shopping at Dover. Wow - is it good! It clearly is superior and really does what it says. Good job! I'm going to tell a lot of people about it! Thank you for a fun product. Barbara Clarke

In over 25 years of "horsing around" I have never found a product that smells, feels and works as well as this. I may try it on my wife !!!!!!!!

Howard (Somis, CA)

Recently I inherited an antique desk which had belonged to my Grandfather. It is at least 70 years old. The top is made with leather inset. It had not seen any attention for some time. The leather was dry and cracking. I wanted to use something very gentle to restore it. I tried TLC saddle soap and it worked very well. It moisturized the dry leather and made it very soft and smooth without discoloration. The soap even helped to blend the appearance of the cracks. This is a great product. Thank you. Lea Bartolotto (Somis, CA)

The browband is gorgeous and perfect. Helena put it on her horse, “Cowgirl”, and she truly looked like her show name “Rhinestone Cowgirl” and paraded around the barn quite proudly for all to admire. We can’t wait to see her in it at the next show! Jennifer (Culver City, CA)

I just purchased your TLC Saddle Soap&Conditioner in Grapefruit. WOW! I've helped take care of horse tack since before I can remember, my parents being glycerin saddle soap and neatsfoot oil users, so the process was not only messy, but seemed to take the better part of a weekend, so as I got older I'd try just about anything else that was supposed to "get the job done" more efficiently, and have not since found anything that can hold a candle to your product! It effortlessly removed grime from bridle reins that I'd given up on! And my old english saddle hasn't looked or felt so good in years! SO soft and shiny! The best part was how fast it works! I was able to clean my entire tack room in an evening..this would have normally been a 2 day ordeal. You made a believer out of me. AWESOME PRODUCT! Anna R.

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